Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is it too early for a Christmas post?

On Monday, I had to go to the Galleria area in Houston. If you aren't familiar with the Galleria, it's an area of town (in Houston) with specialty stores, the best mall (hosting stores like Saks, Tiffany's etc). It's kinda a trendy area where people will gather, drink starbucks coffee, dine on the patios of little bistro's .. just a different life than I live. It's pretty there but oh so crowded! Anyway .. I was there for some business and there they were .. workers everywhere putting up Christmas decorations. Of course most people were home preparing to take their kids trick or treating as soon as it got dark but those of us out and about saw Christmas decorations going up! Of course it's been in the stores for months at craft stores as us crafters have to start our projects early to finish in time for the holiday season. I guess I just wasn't ready to see it on the streets yet.
It sure got me thinking about how close Christmas really is. It will be here before we know it. I didn't put up Halloween deco but moved on to Thanksgiving. But, my mind has been whirling thinking of the Christmas time approaching and how am it progressing on my holiday present status .. who have I bought for .. who I haven't.

They are small .. but oh so important to my kids .. stockings! My son is 31 and my daughter is 26. When they arrive, I do get a "Merry Christmas Mom", a hug and off they go to their stockings. Yes, they still get stockings. I have no grandkids .. and I just can't bear to have a Christmas without stockings hanging from the mantle, waiting to be filled with treats from Santa. So, here I am, so many years after I probably should have stopped, still filling stockings!

Each year seems to be more of a challenge. What do you give them to be different from the year before? Some years I have themes, some it's just all kinda treats in there .. small of course. My daughter told me her fav was a couple of years ago they got kid toys in their stockings. Everyone is celebrating Christmas in the house, and here are my two grown kids .. one is playing with play-do and the other is juggling balls. But, unless you are a mom, you will never understand the joy that brings to see your babies, no matter their age, enjoying toys.

So, today I'm in the stocking stuffing mode .. "what can I put in there this year". Sometimes when I'm stumped I will surf the internet for ideas on making something, giving something, doing something. I may not find exactly what I'm looking for, but there's always something out there to spark an idea for me.

It's just my two kids .. never their girlfriends or boyfriends who get stockings in my house. This year, I'm surprising my son's girlfriend and I'm making her a stocking too. She's been around now for several years, but it's just been something I've held special with my two kids. My daughter is dating someone now who is so wonderful to her. So, now I feel like my family is set (still waiting on the grandkids of course) but I'll be adding two more stockings to my mantle this year. I have 4 kids, not just 2 anymore.

I remember back when my kids were small, I made their original stockings of felt, glitter, sequins, embroidery thread, and the stockings were 3-D. They had toys, teddy bears, trees, whatever on them, but they were stuffed so it wasn't flat. Anyone who knows me knows I have to always be different. Anyway .. after a few years, I found some stockings that were decorative and matched our tree so I bought them. My kids threw a fit. "NO MOM.. THAT'S NOT OUR STOCKINGS!" So, they would dig in the Christmas boxes and find their stockings and on the mantle they would go. Their stocking holders are the original ones they had from when they were babies. So, each year, these same stockings and holders would adorn my mantle. The white felt on the stockings is starting to discolor, but each loves them.

I can't imagine not putting up those same faded stockings. They not only hold treats for my kids, but so many memories for me.

What are your favorite holiday memories? Remember, it's never too soon to start some!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Off to it's new home!

This time in our Flirty Apron Swap Shawnee chose for us to make a table runner instead of aprons. I'm pretty much game for anything if it involves sewing! Once I got my partner I saw she had a round table and no fall decorations. So, I decided to make a round runner (is there such a thing?) and applique fall leaves and acorns on it in all fall fabric. It was so much fun once I got my size down for the runner. I love to applique and love the way it looks when it's all done. As you can see from my last post, I'm so ready for fall, cool weather and much needed family time.
My package leaves today for California. I hope she likes it .. along with the tuck-ins!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I couldn't wait !!!

I got back from Round Top this weekend and seeing all the fall decorations there, feeling the FINALLY cool air here in Texas sure put me in the holiday spirit. Sunday morning I got up bright and early and started pulling my summer decorations and getting those fall ones out.

For some reason I wasn't really in the "halloween" spirit this year. I don't have little ones and living in the country there is no trick or treaters so I opted to leave the goblins and ghouls in the closet and bring on the pumpkins!

I bought a new table cloth last year after Thanksgiving so I couldn't wait to get it on the table! I ironed it and on it went! Love it! I threw up a few other things and realized I need more. So, with over a month to go .. I still have time to buy/make more fall harvest decorations!

I bought some new Pecan Coffee and this Saturday I'll be sitting at my table or on my front porch admiring the pumpkins and sipping on my coffee .. maybe I'll wrap up in one of my old quilts .. want to join me??

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Round Top Time!

Well, it's finally time for the Round Top Texas big antique extravaganza. Twice a year, Round Top, Texas has a huge gathering of thousands and thousands of vendors. If you are looking for it, it can be found there. Everything from newly crafted items to items hundreds of years old.

I went in the spring, walked and walked. Drank margaritas from a vendor while I shopped. Bought a beautiful vintage 1940's christmas apron for $5. Course I bought other stuff too .. but that was my favorite find. I also collect vintage pink china plates. Bought a few of those also.

So, if you are in this area, check it out. I guarantee you won't be sorry you did. The fields along the highway going in to Round Top is lined with vendors. Porta-potties are set up and you can shop till you drop! See you there!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Man's Shirt Apron

I'm always looking for unique and unusual aprons. The other day I found one on the internet which had been crafted from a man's dress shirt! I thought what a cute and easy way to whip one up!

I'm participating in the "Flirty Apron Swap" and our theme this time is Tropical. While in Goodwill I passed and saw a man's shirt made of greap tropical fabric. I immediately thought of the apron and bought the shirt. Wednesday is Senior day and 55 yrs young and over get 40% off clothes. Well, I'm a year away still but I'm such a "frequent flyer" in that store, the girl gives me the discount! So, I got this shirt for $3.50! Now, where can you buy material and get 75% of a project done for $3.50?? Plus I always feel good when I shop there b/c I know I'm helping others, recycling, and also saving my husband money .. which he loves!

I didn't think to have my camera ready and take pics as I cut .. but I'll try to explain the best I can. I'm such a visual person I can see something and go home and make it as I remember it in my mind.

The shirt I bought was a man's large. I wear a size 10/12 so it was perfect for me .. eventhough I'm giving this away. Ok, back to the instructions! I get a bit side-tracked!

Cut up the sides of the apron, starting at the bottom till you reach the sleeves. I cut on the front side of the side seam, leaving the actual seam on the back part. I cut around the sleeve, and up and about 1/2 between the neck seam and the should seam, on around the back leaving about 4-5 inches around the bottom seam of the collar and on down and around the other side, around the sleeve and down the side. I took the back part and cut my strips across it sideways. I cut 4 inch wide strips (4 of them) using the full width of the back and sewed 2 together to make 2 long sashes (the 4 strips). Then I folded the strips long ways in half and sewed. Next turn them inside out. Go back to the front part of the shirt and this will be the apron! I just turned it under and top-stitched all the way around. I didn't want to add ric-rac or ruffles .. just something simple so I just hemmed it. I sewed the sash on each side where the side seam met up with the arm hole. Now, the original pattern I saw had the front part of the shirt sewn shut where the buttons were. I decided to leave this open so my partner could either slip it over her head (if she didn't want to unbotton it) or she could unbotton it and slip it on like a shirt if she wants to leave the sash tied. I did make the sash long enough so she could wrap it in front and tie it. I love long sashes!

Once I was through I thought it looked so cute and feminine and you couldn't even tell it had once been a man's shirt!

If you choose to use a long sleeve shirt, the sleeves will be perfect for the sash. I had to use the back section since the shirt I chose had short sleeves. It had one pocket on it, but you can always use the extra material to make another pocket or simply use it for your stash!

Best part of all .. you have recycled. To me, it's the gift that has given twice!

I am on the lookout now for more shirts! Can't wait to find unusual ones and get bizzy!

Happy sewing!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Aloha Flirty Apron Swap

Today Shawnee posted our new apron swap. A tropical Hawaiian theme. Just in time for summer. It's been over 100 here in Texas. So sewing something topical will be just what we need to cool off!

Thanks Shawnee for all you do to bring us these awesome swaps at

From an Apron-a-holic ... me

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Memories

Last nite I was feeling a bit down. I cleaned house all day and when I was dusting, I started looking at pics of my dad I have around my house. It's hard to believe he's been gone almost 2 years. I miss him so much each day. After my husband went to bed, it was quiet and I started thinking back when I was a little girl. Many memories came flooding my mind and my birth year of 1957.

Several years ago, I was privilidged enough to have given to me an old Life Magazine Book with all the magazines from July and August of 1957 bound in a book. I was born in July so I was so thrilled when I saw it. I opened the book last nite and gazed through it.

It's one of those books where you really need to sit down and look at the articles because I had no clue what most were. Last nite, I was just in the mood to look at the advertisements and smile and think about how simple life was back then.

I had to snap a few pics of some of the ads in the book. Where in the world can you get a 5 piece bedroom suite now in the price range of $149 to $399? With $399 being the top of the price range, I wondered what in the world that one looked like! I really laughed when I looked closely because my brother had the exact bed but in black (not white) and a double size. Matter of fact, the bed is till in our farm house.

How about the cereal ad? Post cereals - sugar rice krinkles? I wonder if you could hear snap/crackle/pop on those when you poured the milk on!

Gleem Toothpaste with GL-70? GL-70 sounds like car oil to me! Can't imagine that being appealing enough to brush my teeth with it!

Who can forget Sea and Ski sun lotion? Remember the Coppertone girl and how much controversy was on her not having a top on? In this ad, you can pick up a pair of toddler pants for a mere 50 cents! No top, just the pants!

And last but certainly not least to me was the all time classic 1957 Chevy! My mom and dad bought one right before I was born. I got to come home from the hospital in a brand new car! This was the first new car my mom and dad owned. When these cars were built, they didn't sell as well has GM had hoped. This was the first automobile to have tubeless tires. It scared away alot of buyers. Funny .. now we ask "what's a tube?" When asking most people to name a classic car, the '57 Chevy is the most popular response. Brand new, this car cost around $1500. My mom and dad bought one, a black and white one like in this photo, and paid cash for it. Doesn't seem like much to pay $1500 cash for a new vehicle, but their income was $50 a week. My dad loved that car and drove it for years. I'd give anything to have it. Those are the coolest cars to me!

Well, we've come to the end of Monday Memories for today. Hope you all enjoyed joining me for a trip down Memory Lane. Seems like yesterday we were there .. then again, it seems like another lifetime ago.

Anyway .. it was a fun way to end the day of feeling down. A stroll down memory lane is always good for me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Table

Last week I found an estate sale by accident. Headed out to lunch, was going to my favorite tamale place and EERCHHHH .. hit the brakes! There it was .. the sign that always catches my eye .. Estate Sale! So, having no self control, I turn. This was a particularly a good sale .. lots of antiques. I found a very old suitcase for a friend of mine who does photography. She's always looking for props. I bought some really cool old jars. Glass canning with the lids. I bought three of them .. got them for $2 apiece. They were outside and filled with nasty old scummy water. I poured out the water and then bargained my price. First she wanted $5 each .. but once she smelled them she laughed and agreed to my $2. I had never seen old jars like these. After some research on the internet I found they were from the 1930's.

Last year I bought really cool table cloth at an estate sale. I had put it up and knew at one time I would find a use for it. It's really bright colors and as you all know .. I'm a pink girl. When I brought the jars home, the wheels in my head turned so I decided to make a table arrangement .. like a country picnic. I had the picnic basket tucked away in my pantry so I bought some flowers and the bread, cheese and grapes to complete the arrangement. I loved the flowers. They have bluebonnets in them which is the state flower for Texas.

I placed them all on the table to see how it would look. In the past I've drug out a table cloth, ironed it then decided not to use it so I ironed for nothing. I've lived with this arrangement for a couple of days so I'll be keeping it for a few months so now I have to iron the table cloth. I couldn't believe how well all the colors went together!

I just love Estate Sales. You read about them on the internet. They always post the really cool pics of the expensive furniture, dishes, designer clothes, jewelr, but it's the odd things I find that I am attracted to. Reading about them on the internet gives you no clue as to what you will really find there. It's just way too much fun to me. It's like opening a big box wrapped so beautifully .. you never know what's inside.

Funny thing .. I never made it to the tamale factory.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work, Work, Work

Well, I log on today to see it's almost been a whole month since I posted. I've broken my New Year's Resolution. I had vowed to be more attentative to my blog and post more often with ideas, tips etc. And as each day goes by I've done nothing but gotten worse! Shamey Shamey on me!

Now it's time for excuses! I've been so busy working! Looking back over the last couple of months, I'm averaging about 70 hours a week working. How draining. Looks like this will continue through the month of May. I get so tired .. and when that alarm goes off .. it's taking everything I have to get out of bed. Especially when you are working 7 days a week .. after awhile, they all just run together. You don't even realize what day it is. I keep thinking about what my dad always said "Better get it while you can". So I'm doing just that. With budget cuts in our school district, this may all slow down this summer .. so I'm grabbing it all now .. as long as I can still stand.

Even though I'm working .. my mind is still racing about thoughts for my blog. New ideas of where to go etc. Now if I can just find the time to implement them!

Oh .. phone is ringing .. never a dull moment here!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewing Treasures

I had to share the wonderful find I ran in to at the thrift store! I use not to go to these then until reading blogs and seeing all the fabulous things people were finding. So, one day I thought I'd give it a try when I was dropping off something there to donate. Now, it's become a new addiction of mine! Sometimes I drive by and think, "Let me stop and see what they have." Well, this particular day, I hit the jackpot at this location. Look at all boxes of sewing kits I found. Originally they were marked $19.99. I got them for $1.99 each. The small boxes are filled with 9 fat quarters, the larger ones have 18 .. EACH !! They are actually kits to make a lap throw or quilted tote bag. I just wanted them for all the fat quarters! Where in this world can you find 18 fat quarters for $1.99? I was hurrying to put them in my cart. As I'm putting in the last one, another lady says "Man, I'm just a few minutes too late!" Yep, she was .. I bought them all! Am I a bad person for not sharing with her? I just couldn't bring myself to take them out of my basket and give her 1/2. After all, I was there first! lol My fat quarter stash is growing .. I've got to get busy with some scrappy quilts!

Monday, April 4, 2011

To Be A Little Girl Again !

Saturday I was off to the fabric store to purchase material for my partner in the "Flirty Apron Swap". When I walked in the door at Hancock Fabrics, the entry way was lined with bargin clearance material. Normally I walk right by this because most of it is something I can't use for quilting. But on the top of the huge pile was this adorable (quilted) material. The little girls caught my eye! The back is pattern pieces cut outs .. just adorable!

I looked at it, immediately put it in my basket and headed to find what I came for! What a find! I kept looking at it while I was walking around and just felt like I was a little girl again! This is exactly how I looked when I was young. Starched little frilly dresses, black Mary Jane shoes and white nylon socks with lace around them. It just brought back such happy memories as a child. My daughter is 26 and I have no granddaughters but I had to purchase some .. just incase .. one day ... maybe maybe .. and if not, then I can be a little girl again.

When I got home and to my sewing studio, I couldn't help but lay it on the child's table I have beside my Suzie Homemaker Oven. The oven was mine when I was little (Santa brought it to me!) and is over 45 years old .. and still works! What a precious site it was!

When I get tired of playing big girl, I can go in there and pretend .. pretend I have no worries, no problems and my dad is still around so I can have a daddy/daughter hug. See .. I even have an apple pie cooling on top of the stove!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

When did it become spring?

I work so much every week .. normally about 70 hours a week. I leave when it's dark and I get home when it's dark. Friday I worked only 8 hours (felt like I was on vacation!) and once I left the area I work in and headed home in the country I couldn't believe my eyes. The fields and roadsides were filled with beautiful wild flowers and green grass. I thought "When Did Spring Get Here? I work in Houston (where the population is 5 million) so once I get out of the city limits and head to my small town, I feel the stress leaving me when I see such beauty. I was glad to have my camera and had to stop for a few pics. These flowers were lining the roadside at the end of my street.

I live on a street where most everyone has around 20 - 50 acres. They raise horses, chickens and cows. We only have 2.5 acres (with no animals other than our two dogs who live in the house!) so I love when it's green outside and I can see the animals grazing on the beautiful land. I wish everyone could enjoy this each day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sew Cherry Fabric by Lori Holt @ Bee In My Bonnett

Wow .. how cool would it be to have your own fabric line?? Well, Lori Holt from "Bee In My Bonnett" blog has just that! Lori is just the most adorable lady. I follow her blog daily, and get her posts in my email so I won't miss a thing. She's SEW crafty and such an inspiration to me. When I'm feeling stressed .. I simply go to Lori's blog and admire her studio, look at all her creations or just read about what she's working on and what she's doing. Ahhhhhhh ......

Pop on over to her blog and check out her new line of Fabric .. SEW Cherry. Of course my fav is the Sew Cherry Pink! lol Imagine that! It was hard to pick a fav when they are all so precious! I just purchased several vintage dress patterns (uncut) from 1950's. I'll be ordering the Pink Sew Cherry to make my first dress with .. I already know which pattern I'm using.

Lori, once again, you continue to inspire us and encourage us to reach for our dreams. Happy sewing and happy blogging!

Hugs to all ...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shopping In San Antonio

This Past weekend I went to San Antonio. This was a postponed weekend from several weeks ago when the ice hit us and the roads here were not driveable. I'm sure you northerners laugh at us .. but we are not accustomed to driving under those conditions and neither are our vehicles. So, if the snow falls .. or the ice hits, this area just shuts down!

Saturday morning off we went .. SHOPPING! First we hit the outlet mall, then on the way home we stopped at some quaint little old houses converted to retail shops. It was so cute. I wanted to take some pictures, but there were signs everywhere saying no photography. After hours in a "girly" shop buying Yellow Box Sandals and BLING necklaces I stopped in a super cute little "Texas" style rustic store.

I LOVED it! I enjoyed meeting the owner, Tricia Travis. She's super laid back, very ARTISTIC and had the most comfy little abode! Everything was so neat and tidy (which I love) and all color coordinated (which I love). Her speciality is hooking rugs. She laughed as she called herself a "hooker". She did allow me to take a few pics of the shop inside and out, but none of her rugs. I can understand why, but I'm here to tell you, they were breath taking! She has everything there to get started including classes. I wasn't able to browse as long as I'd like (one of my cousins had just had surgery and was feeling poor). She made us feel so at home. Lots of goodies (like a little country store would have!) and of course, what Texas store would be complete without homemade fudge at the counter! I didn't get it try it, but it sure looked yummy!

So, if you are out near San Antonio, stop in and say Hi to Tricia. Bring a big shopping bag, you won't be able to resist her goodies!

Thanks Trish for making us feel so welcome and sharing your thoughts and talents with us!

Country Gatherings, owner Tricia Travis,
18771 FM 2252 (Nacagdoches Rd),
San Antonio Texas 78266,
Next road trip ... Round Top, Texas at the end of March .. with over 2,000 vendors! Can't wait!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mug Rug Thursday

A Mug Rug for a special person! I just finished two mug rugs. One is going to it's home tonite. We adoped a yellow lab from a rescue facility the week before Christmas. One of the volunteers at the shelter teaches obedient classes at her home for 6 weeks for each animal when they are adopted. Jake went to class each week .. maybe he learned something .. he still acts the same to me! But to me he's just a big loveable goober!

I wanted to do something for the trainer so I made her a mug rug .. with lots of doggies on it since she loves animals. I included a pretty polka-dot mug/soup bowl and a coordinating plate. Great for coffee and a snack or soup and crackers.

Tonite is "graduation". I don't think Jake will be the valedictorian but he's surely won the "Class Clown" title!

These shelters are awesome. When we picked up Jake we were able to see first hand how much love and attention and care are given to animals that have been abandoned or rescued. Some may never be adopted, but all are loved at Bellville Animal Shelter. Thanks for all you guys do!

My hubby and his "big boy".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Treasure from a Friend

Recently one of my friends gave me three boxes filled with material and partially started projects after his mom passed. What a treasure it was to receive this .. I felt so honored. When I got the boxes in my Expedition, the weather turned terrible (or terrible for us) and I had to leave them in the back of my truck till it got better outside so I could bring them in.

Going through them left me filled with mixed emotions. First I was so excited to see such vintage material, an old pattern, quilting books and even some new exciting material in bright vibrant colors. And then my little heart stopped .. lots of PINKS !! Oh I was jumping up and down. Then as I stood there in my studio admiring this wonderful gift, I started thinking about Harris' mom. He had told me how she loved to sew and quilt. There were a few started quilting projects in the boxes and as I held them, my mind drifted to a loving woman sewing for her family and friends, putting together her ideas, one stitch at a time, each with lots of love. It brought tears to my eyes to think of her. I've never met her, but I could imagine her sitting at her machine for hours working so lovingly creating her own masterpieces.

I have a few ideas for some pieces in the boxes. There is enough of some precious white cotton eyelet I can't wait to make a summer gown with. There was a bluejean skirt she had started and needed a waistband and a zipper. It will fit me perfectly so I’m going to finish that one first and wear it to work so I can show my friend. I think he will be pleased to see something from his mom being appreciated by someone else .. like a little piece of her was still around.

It makes me think about how precious life is and how each and every day we should cherish what we have. It’s not about the materialistic things but the things that hold true and dear to our hearts that mean the most. The things that mean so little right now will mean so much more as we get older. I am trying to stop and appreciate those small things now.

My husband and I have endured some rough times these past 12 months. He was forced to close his business, we were not able to finish the remodel of a foreclosed home we bought before moving in (we are finishing as we can now), cars breaking down, our water well pump went out and we had to replace it ourselves (120 feet below ground!), but I have come to thank God for each and every one of those hardships. It means I’m still around to endure them, my husband is still around also and we are blessed with very good health. No I’m not crazy but it has brought us closer together as we jump these hurdles together. I love to sit out in my studio and create, sew, quilt, knit .. and relax because it will prepare me for the next adventure God has in store for us.

When I touch the fabric I have received from my friends, it makes me truly appreciate how valuable the people in my life are. How wonderful that Harris entrusted me enough to share his mom’s precious treasures with me. For those of us who sew, quilt, or craft .. a box of material, old buttons, vintage patterns are just that .. precious treasures.

So, from my heart, I thank him and his family for that wonderful gift .. of not just the material but for helping me to slow down and remember once again what is truly precious in our lives.
May God be with my friend Harris and his family and they deal with his mom's passing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let it Snow! And it did .. alittle !

SNOW !!! Yep, It snowed on Friday. VERY VERY LITTE .. Most places saw non but since we are further north of Houston we had just some flurries .. but lots of ice! No school. Our district was closed due to icy conditions. Lots of businesses were closed also. We aren't used to driving in these condition so last count I heard, there were over 400 accidents Friday morning from those who did think they could drive in sleet and ice and hit the roads. Some were stranded on over passes in Houston for 9 hours until emergency help could get to them.

Me?? I stayed in, knitted and stayed warm and watched all the ding-a-lings on tv who were out and about in the mess.

Our district will have to make the "bad weather" day up later in this month. But it's a small price to pay considering the outcome if someone had gotten in an accident.

THEN .... on Saturday our water well went out. NO WATER! My husband and I pulled the well pipe out to get to the pump using our tractor and forklift attachment. He worked the pipe, I worked the tractor controls. All afternoon of going super slow and we got out the submersible pump ... 120 feet in the ground! One slip and we could have lost that pipe back down in the hole. By doing the job ourselves, it saved us around $ 3-4 THOUSAND dollars! My DH is so darn talented! So, for now we are out of water. He's off today to hopefully buy a pump. We are showering at my moms and had managed to get enough water before the pump went completely out to have some water to wash our hands and flush the toilet. As for food .. paper plates and lots of frozen dinners! Hopefully we can have a new pump by the end of today and put it back in tomorrow. Another SUPER cold spell is coming our way on Wednesday and will last thru the weekend. I sure hope we are not without water for a week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

* * My BFF * *

Most every blog I read posts about sewing, crafting, recycling, projects .. projects .. projects. I’m no different than everyone else. My post are all about items I’ve found that are vintage or projects I’m working on. Today I have a very special person I want to share with Blog-land.
This weekend I’m off to see my BFF in the whole wide world .. her name is Brenda. I’m so excited. She lives in San Antonio. It’s not quite a 3 hour drive for me but it seems with our busy schedules (mostly mine) it’s hard to break away for some girl time. That’s why when I do schedule a visit, it’s all I can think about. Then when it’s over .. I’m sad because I know it will be awhile before I see her again.

See, she’s not only my BFF but she’s my cousin as well. Ever wonder what really causes a person who enters your life to be the best friend you have ever had? Sometimes I wonder what causes two people to connect. They can be so different but yet the same. She and I are VERY much of the same person, yet we are very different (I sure wish she would craft or sew! Lol)
Why do I love her so? Why did I connect with her as time went on? I come from this really big family so yeah, there are lots of cousins .. not to mention the people who cross our paths in the game of life. Brenda is very different than all those people. It’s like there’s a mental checklist a person doesn’t even know exists and secretly your heart is checking off these items each time you are with someone. Then when you reach the bottom of that checklist, and each item has a check mark and no x’s, then you are connected .. and as time goes one .. it NEVER changes. It only keeps growing! ying/yang!

I have to laugh because some in our family call us Thelma and Louise. I guess if you think about it we are! We are always getting in some kinda trouble .. mostly small .. but we are just making memories. Most of our stories we can never share with anyone. Besides, who would believe us?

I guess this will probably be the longest blog I’ve written and may ever write. I can’t think of a more deserving person to share my blog land friends with. She’s wonderful. I feel for those people who go through life and will never experience what I have with Brenda. I’ve opened my heart and have been hurt by others before I truly saw, appreciated and valued her friendship.
When we were younger, Brenda reached for my hand .. but she grabbed my heart. I love ya girl. You are THE most amazing woman I’ve ever known. A fighter, a lover, a friend and above all .. I’m so proud to tell everyone you are MY bff!

See ya Friday! Woo – hoo