Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mug Rug Thursday

A Mug Rug for a special person! I just finished two mug rugs. One is going to it's home tonite. We adoped a yellow lab from a rescue facility the week before Christmas. One of the volunteers at the shelter teaches obedient classes at her home for 6 weeks for each animal when they are adopted. Jake went to class each week .. maybe he learned something .. he still acts the same to me! But to me he's just a big loveable goober!

I wanted to do something for the trainer so I made her a mug rug .. with lots of doggies on it since she loves animals. I included a pretty polka-dot mug/soup bowl and a coordinating plate. Great for coffee and a snack or soup and crackers.

Tonite is "graduation". I don't think Jake will be the valedictorian but he's surely won the "Class Clown" title!

These shelters are awesome. When we picked up Jake we were able to see first hand how much love and attention and care are given to animals that have been abandoned or rescued. Some may never be adopted, but all are loved at Bellville Animal Shelter. Thanks for all you guys do!

My hubby and his "big boy".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Treasure from a Friend

Recently one of my friends gave me three boxes filled with material and partially started projects after his mom passed. What a treasure it was to receive this .. I felt so honored. When I got the boxes in my Expedition, the weather turned terrible (or terrible for us) and I had to leave them in the back of my truck till it got better outside so I could bring them in.

Going through them left me filled with mixed emotions. First I was so excited to see such vintage material, an old pattern, quilting books and even some new exciting material in bright vibrant colors. And then my little heart stopped .. lots of PINKS !! Oh I was jumping up and down. Then as I stood there in my studio admiring this wonderful gift, I started thinking about Harris' mom. He had told me how she loved to sew and quilt. There were a few started quilting projects in the boxes and as I held them, my mind drifted to a loving woman sewing for her family and friends, putting together her ideas, one stitch at a time, each with lots of love. It brought tears to my eyes to think of her. I've never met her, but I could imagine her sitting at her machine for hours working so lovingly creating her own masterpieces.

I have a few ideas for some pieces in the boxes. There is enough of some precious white cotton eyelet I can't wait to make a summer gown with. There was a bluejean skirt she had started and needed a waistband and a zipper. It will fit me perfectly so I’m going to finish that one first and wear it to work so I can show my friend. I think he will be pleased to see something from his mom being appreciated by someone else .. like a little piece of her was still around.

It makes me think about how precious life is and how each and every day we should cherish what we have. It’s not about the materialistic things but the things that hold true and dear to our hearts that mean the most. The things that mean so little right now will mean so much more as we get older. I am trying to stop and appreciate those small things now.

My husband and I have endured some rough times these past 12 months. He was forced to close his business, we were not able to finish the remodel of a foreclosed home we bought before moving in (we are finishing as we can now), cars breaking down, our water well pump went out and we had to replace it ourselves (120 feet below ground!), but I have come to thank God for each and every one of those hardships. It means I’m still around to endure them, my husband is still around also and we are blessed with very good health. No I’m not crazy but it has brought us closer together as we jump these hurdles together. I love to sit out in my studio and create, sew, quilt, knit .. and relax because it will prepare me for the next adventure God has in store for us.

When I touch the fabric I have received from my friends, it makes me truly appreciate how valuable the people in my life are. How wonderful that Harris entrusted me enough to share his mom’s precious treasures with me. For those of us who sew, quilt, or craft .. a box of material, old buttons, vintage patterns are just that .. precious treasures.

So, from my heart, I thank him and his family for that wonderful gift .. of not just the material but for helping me to slow down and remember once again what is truly precious in our lives.
May God be with my friend Harris and his family and they deal with his mom's passing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let it Snow! And it did .. alittle !

SNOW !!! Yep, It snowed on Friday. VERY VERY LITTE .. Most places saw non but since we are further north of Houston we had just some flurries .. but lots of ice! No school. Our district was closed due to icy conditions. Lots of businesses were closed also. We aren't used to driving in these condition so last count I heard, there were over 400 accidents Friday morning from those who did think they could drive in sleet and ice and hit the roads. Some were stranded on over passes in Houston for 9 hours until emergency help could get to them.

Me?? I stayed in, knitted and stayed warm and watched all the ding-a-lings on tv who were out and about in the mess.

Our district will have to make the "bad weather" day up later in this month. But it's a small price to pay considering the outcome if someone had gotten in an accident.

THEN .... on Saturday our water well went out. NO WATER! My husband and I pulled the well pipe out to get to the pump using our tractor and forklift attachment. He worked the pipe, I worked the tractor controls. All afternoon of going super slow and we got out the submersible pump ... 120 feet in the ground! One slip and we could have lost that pipe back down in the hole. By doing the job ourselves, it saved us around $ 3-4 THOUSAND dollars! My DH is so darn talented! So, for now we are out of water. He's off today to hopefully buy a pump. We are showering at my moms and had managed to get enough water before the pump went completely out to have some water to wash our hands and flush the toilet. As for food .. paper plates and lots of frozen dinners! Hopefully we can have a new pump by the end of today and put it back in tomorrow. Another SUPER cold spell is coming our way on Wednesday and will last thru the weekend. I sure hope we are not without water for a week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

* * My BFF * *

Most every blog I read posts about sewing, crafting, recycling, projects .. projects .. projects. I’m no different than everyone else. My post are all about items I’ve found that are vintage or projects I’m working on. Today I have a very special person I want to share with Blog-land.
This weekend I’m off to see my BFF in the whole wide world .. her name is Brenda. I’m so excited. She lives in San Antonio. It’s not quite a 3 hour drive for me but it seems with our busy schedules (mostly mine) it’s hard to break away for some girl time. That’s why when I do schedule a visit, it’s all I can think about. Then when it’s over .. I’m sad because I know it will be awhile before I see her again.

See, she’s not only my BFF but she’s my cousin as well. Ever wonder what really causes a person who enters your life to be the best friend you have ever had? Sometimes I wonder what causes two people to connect. They can be so different but yet the same. She and I are VERY much of the same person, yet we are very different (I sure wish she would craft or sew! Lol)
Why do I love her so? Why did I connect with her as time went on? I come from this really big family so yeah, there are lots of cousins .. not to mention the people who cross our paths in the game of life. Brenda is very different than all those people. It’s like there’s a mental checklist a person doesn’t even know exists and secretly your heart is checking off these items each time you are with someone. Then when you reach the bottom of that checklist, and each item has a check mark and no x’s, then you are connected .. and as time goes one .. it NEVER changes. It only keeps growing! ying/yang!

I have to laugh because some in our family call us Thelma and Louise. I guess if you think about it we are! We are always getting in some kinda trouble .. mostly small .. but we are just making memories. Most of our stories we can never share with anyone. Besides, who would believe us?

I guess this will probably be the longest blog I’ve written and may ever write. I can’t think of a more deserving person to share my blog land friends with. She’s wonderful. I feel for those people who go through life and will never experience what I have with Brenda. I’ve opened my heart and have been hurt by others before I truly saw, appreciated and valued her friendship.
When we were younger, Brenda reached for my hand .. but she grabbed my heart. I love ya girl. You are THE most amazing woman I’ve ever known. A fighter, a lover, a friend and above all .. I’m so proud to tell everyone you are MY bff!

See ya Friday! Woo – hoo