Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mug Rug Thursday

A Mug Rug for a special person! I just finished two mug rugs. One is going to it's home tonite. We adoped a yellow lab from a rescue facility the week before Christmas. One of the volunteers at the shelter teaches obedient classes at her home for 6 weeks for each animal when they are adopted. Jake went to class each week .. maybe he learned something .. he still acts the same to me! But to me he's just a big loveable goober!

I wanted to do something for the trainer so I made her a mug rug .. with lots of doggies on it since she loves animals. I included a pretty polka-dot mug/soup bowl and a coordinating plate. Great for coffee and a snack or soup and crackers.

Tonite is "graduation". I don't think Jake will be the valedictorian but he's surely won the "Class Clown" title!

These shelters are awesome. When we picked up Jake we were able to see first hand how much love and attention and care are given to animals that have been abandoned or rescued. Some may never be adopted, but all are loved at Bellville Animal Shelter. Thanks for all you guys do!

My hubby and his "big boy".

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  1. Darling Mug Rug!!

    & I Love your new Home place...its gorgeous:)