Monday, July 11, 2011

Man's Shirt Apron

I'm always looking for unique and unusual aprons. The other day I found one on the internet which had been crafted from a man's dress shirt! I thought what a cute and easy way to whip one up!

I'm participating in the "Flirty Apron Swap" and our theme this time is Tropical. While in Goodwill I passed and saw a man's shirt made of greap tropical fabric. I immediately thought of the apron and bought the shirt. Wednesday is Senior day and 55 yrs young and over get 40% off clothes. Well, I'm a year away still but I'm such a "frequent flyer" in that store, the girl gives me the discount! So, I got this shirt for $3.50! Now, where can you buy material and get 75% of a project done for $3.50?? Plus I always feel good when I shop there b/c I know I'm helping others, recycling, and also saving my husband money .. which he loves!

I didn't think to have my camera ready and take pics as I cut .. but I'll try to explain the best I can. I'm such a visual person I can see something and go home and make it as I remember it in my mind.

The shirt I bought was a man's large. I wear a size 10/12 so it was perfect for me .. eventhough I'm giving this away. Ok, back to the instructions! I get a bit side-tracked!

Cut up the sides of the apron, starting at the bottom till you reach the sleeves. I cut on the front side of the side seam, leaving the actual seam on the back part. I cut around the sleeve, and up and about 1/2 between the neck seam and the should seam, on around the back leaving about 4-5 inches around the bottom seam of the collar and on down and around the other side, around the sleeve and down the side. I took the back part and cut my strips across it sideways. I cut 4 inch wide strips (4 of them) using the full width of the back and sewed 2 together to make 2 long sashes (the 4 strips). Then I folded the strips long ways in half and sewed. Next turn them inside out. Go back to the front part of the shirt and this will be the apron! I just turned it under and top-stitched all the way around. I didn't want to add ric-rac or ruffles .. just something simple so I just hemmed it. I sewed the sash on each side where the side seam met up with the arm hole. Now, the original pattern I saw had the front part of the shirt sewn shut where the buttons were. I decided to leave this open so my partner could either slip it over her head (if she didn't want to unbotton it) or she could unbotton it and slip it on like a shirt if she wants to leave the sash tied. I did make the sash long enough so she could wrap it in front and tie it. I love long sashes!

Once I was through I thought it looked so cute and feminine and you couldn't even tell it had once been a man's shirt!

If you choose to use a long sleeve shirt, the sleeves will be perfect for the sash. I had to use the back section since the shirt I chose had short sleeves. It had one pocket on it, but you can always use the extra material to make another pocket or simply use it for your stash!

Best part of all .. you have recycled. To me, it's the gift that has given twice!

I am on the lookout now for more shirts! Can't wait to find unusual ones and get bizzy!

Happy sewing!