Sunday, April 3, 2011

When did it become spring?

I work so much every week .. normally about 70 hours a week. I leave when it's dark and I get home when it's dark. Friday I worked only 8 hours (felt like I was on vacation!) and once I left the area I work in and headed home in the country I couldn't believe my eyes. The fields and roadsides were filled with beautiful wild flowers and green grass. I thought "When Did Spring Get Here? I work in Houston (where the population is 5 million) so once I get out of the city limits and head to my small town, I feel the stress leaving me when I see such beauty. I was glad to have my camera and had to stop for a few pics. These flowers were lining the roadside at the end of my street.

I live on a street where most everyone has around 20 - 50 acres. They raise horses, chickens and cows. We only have 2.5 acres (with no animals other than our two dogs who live in the house!) so I love when it's green outside and I can see the animals grazing on the beautiful land. I wish everyone could enjoy this each day.

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