Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Table

Last week I found an estate sale by accident. Headed out to lunch, was going to my favorite tamale place and EERCHHHH .. hit the brakes! There it was .. the sign that always catches my eye .. Estate Sale! So, having no self control, I turn. This was a particularly a good sale .. lots of antiques. I found a very old suitcase for a friend of mine who does photography. She's always looking for props. I bought some really cool old jars. Glass canning with the lids. I bought three of them .. got them for $2 apiece. They were outside and filled with nasty old scummy water. I poured out the water and then bargained my price. First she wanted $5 each .. but once she smelled them she laughed and agreed to my $2. I had never seen old jars like these. After some research on the internet I found they were from the 1930's.

Last year I bought really cool table cloth at an estate sale. I had put it up and knew at one time I would find a use for it. It's really bright colors and as you all know .. I'm a pink girl. When I brought the jars home, the wheels in my head turned so I decided to make a table arrangement .. like a country picnic. I had the picnic basket tucked away in my pantry so I bought some flowers and the bread, cheese and grapes to complete the arrangement. I loved the flowers. They have bluebonnets in them which is the state flower for Texas.

I placed them all on the table to see how it would look. In the past I've drug out a table cloth, ironed it then decided not to use it so I ironed for nothing. I've lived with this arrangement for a couple of days so I'll be keeping it for a few months so now I have to iron the table cloth. I couldn't believe how well all the colors went together!

I just love Estate Sales. You read about them on the internet. They always post the really cool pics of the expensive furniture, dishes, designer clothes, jewelr, but it's the odd things I find that I am attracted to. Reading about them on the internet gives you no clue as to what you will really find there. It's just way too much fun to me. It's like opening a big box wrapped so beautifully .. you never know what's inside.

Funny thing .. I never made it to the tamale factory.

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  1. Hi!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It's so nice to meet you! I have never been to Brenham, but I have been to Fredricksburg. There are alot of beautiful wildflowers there. Your table looks very cute! I love estate sales too!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage