Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas ....

Yes, I'm finally getting in the Christmas spirit.  I still have a hint of Thanksgiving in my house with some decorations that I've yet to remove.  Time hasn't been on my side, so this weekend is set aside to do nothing but get those decorations up.  I've got parties and gathering starting next week, and I sure don't want someone showing up, looking around my house and thinking it's still Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I received my Secret Santa Swap Package from Connie in Wisconsin.  She sent me a fab package .. beautiful handmade basket, homemade goodies to eat, kitchen towels, and most of all .. a chicken magazine!  I loved it.  The goodies were Tiger Butter .. which taste like some kind of fudge maybe with peanut butter.  I've put in a request for the recipe .. but I can say this .. they are totally addicting!  lol  And .. look at the pic .. she painted the bread tie to look like a snowman.  Some people are just too talented for words!

Went to Fredericksburg, Texas recently with the other half of me .. my ying .. or is she my yang?  Either .. she's my bestest friend in the entire world.  We just chilled, shopped, sampled lots of wine and enjoyed the holiday spirit, holiday decorations and of course each other's company. No, she's not hiding out from anyone .. I have no idea why she kept her sunglasses on for the pic!  But .. I love her anyone!  lol  Fredericksburg is an awesome little town built on German heritage.  My dad is 1/2 german, so seeing some of the traditions and experiencing it thrills me.  It's very "touristry" there with shops and B & B's.  Nice place to visit.  I go there several times a year.  I snapped a few pics to the entrance of a small cottage.  It was just so beautiful with the brick path and vintage items and holiday decorations.  I just wanted to grab me a glass of hot german wine and "sit-a-spell" as the country folk say!