Thursday, February 10, 2011

Treasure from a Friend

Recently one of my friends gave me three boxes filled with material and partially started projects after his mom passed. What a treasure it was to receive this .. I felt so honored. When I got the boxes in my Expedition, the weather turned terrible (or terrible for us) and I had to leave them in the back of my truck till it got better outside so I could bring them in.

Going through them left me filled with mixed emotions. First I was so excited to see such vintage material, an old pattern, quilting books and even some new exciting material in bright vibrant colors. And then my little heart stopped .. lots of PINKS !! Oh I was jumping up and down. Then as I stood there in my studio admiring this wonderful gift, I started thinking about Harris' mom. He had told me how she loved to sew and quilt. There were a few started quilting projects in the boxes and as I held them, my mind drifted to a loving woman sewing for her family and friends, putting together her ideas, one stitch at a time, each with lots of love. It brought tears to my eyes to think of her. I've never met her, but I could imagine her sitting at her machine for hours working so lovingly creating her own masterpieces.

I have a few ideas for some pieces in the boxes. There is enough of some precious white cotton eyelet I can't wait to make a summer gown with. There was a bluejean skirt she had started and needed a waistband and a zipper. It will fit me perfectly so I’m going to finish that one first and wear it to work so I can show my friend. I think he will be pleased to see something from his mom being appreciated by someone else .. like a little piece of her was still around.

It makes me think about how precious life is and how each and every day we should cherish what we have. It’s not about the materialistic things but the things that hold true and dear to our hearts that mean the most. The things that mean so little right now will mean so much more as we get older. I am trying to stop and appreciate those small things now.

My husband and I have endured some rough times these past 12 months. He was forced to close his business, we were not able to finish the remodel of a foreclosed home we bought before moving in (we are finishing as we can now), cars breaking down, our water well pump went out and we had to replace it ourselves (120 feet below ground!), but I have come to thank God for each and every one of those hardships. It means I’m still around to endure them, my husband is still around also and we are blessed with very good health. No I’m not crazy but it has brought us closer together as we jump these hurdles together. I love to sit out in my studio and create, sew, quilt, knit .. and relax because it will prepare me for the next adventure God has in store for us.

When I touch the fabric I have received from my friends, it makes me truly appreciate how valuable the people in my life are. How wonderful that Harris entrusted me enough to share his mom’s precious treasures with me. For those of us who sew, quilt, or craft .. a box of material, old buttons, vintage patterns are just that .. precious treasures.

So, from my heart, I thank him and his family for that wonderful gift .. of not just the material but for helping me to slow down and remember once again what is truly precious in our lives.
May God be with my friend Harris and his family and they deal with his mom's passing.

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