Tuesday, February 1, 2011

* * My BFF * *

Most every blog I read posts about sewing, crafting, recycling, projects .. projects .. projects. I’m no different than everyone else. My post are all about items I’ve found that are vintage or projects I’m working on. Today I have a very special person I want to share with Blog-land.
This weekend I’m off to see my BFF in the whole wide world .. her name is Brenda. I’m so excited. She lives in San Antonio. It’s not quite a 3 hour drive for me but it seems with our busy schedules (mostly mine) it’s hard to break away for some girl time. That’s why when I do schedule a visit, it’s all I can think about. Then when it’s over .. I’m sad because I know it will be awhile before I see her again.

See, she’s not only my BFF but she’s my cousin as well. Ever wonder what really causes a person who enters your life to be the best friend you have ever had? Sometimes I wonder what causes two people to connect. They can be so different but yet the same. She and I are VERY much of the same person, yet we are very different (I sure wish she would craft or sew! Lol)
Why do I love her so? Why did I connect with her as time went on? I come from this really big family so yeah, there are lots of cousins .. not to mention the people who cross our paths in the game of life. Brenda is very different than all those people. It’s like there’s a mental checklist a person doesn’t even know exists and secretly your heart is checking off these items each time you are with someone. Then when you reach the bottom of that checklist, and each item has a check mark and no x’s, then you are connected .. and as time goes one .. it NEVER changes. It only keeps growing! ying/yang!

I have to laugh because some in our family call us Thelma and Louise. I guess if you think about it we are! We are always getting in some kinda trouble .. mostly small .. but we are just making memories. Most of our stories we can never share with anyone. Besides, who would believe us?

I guess this will probably be the longest blog I’ve written and may ever write. I can’t think of a more deserving person to share my blog land friends with. She’s wonderful. I feel for those people who go through life and will never experience what I have with Brenda. I’ve opened my heart and have been hurt by others before I truly saw, appreciated and valued her friendship.
When we were younger, Brenda reached for my hand .. but she grabbed my heart. I love ya girl. You are THE most amazing woman I’ve ever known. A fighter, a lover, a friend and above all .. I’m so proud to tell everyone you are MY bff!

See ya Friday! Woo – hoo

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