Monday, February 7, 2011

Let it Snow! And it did .. alittle !

SNOW !!! Yep, It snowed on Friday. VERY VERY LITTE .. Most places saw non but since we are further north of Houston we had just some flurries .. but lots of ice! No school. Our district was closed due to icy conditions. Lots of businesses were closed also. We aren't used to driving in these condition so last count I heard, there were over 400 accidents Friday morning from those who did think they could drive in sleet and ice and hit the roads. Some were stranded on over passes in Houston for 9 hours until emergency help could get to them.

Me?? I stayed in, knitted and stayed warm and watched all the ding-a-lings on tv who were out and about in the mess.

Our district will have to make the "bad weather" day up later in this month. But it's a small price to pay considering the outcome if someone had gotten in an accident.

THEN .... on Saturday our water well went out. NO WATER! My husband and I pulled the well pipe out to get to the pump using our tractor and forklift attachment. He worked the pipe, I worked the tractor controls. All afternoon of going super slow and we got out the submersible pump ... 120 feet in the ground! One slip and we could have lost that pipe back down in the hole. By doing the job ourselves, it saved us around $ 3-4 THOUSAND dollars! My DH is so darn talented! So, for now we are out of water. He's off today to hopefully buy a pump. We are showering at my moms and had managed to get enough water before the pump went completely out to have some water to wash our hands and flush the toilet. As for food .. paper plates and lots of frozen dinners! Hopefully we can have a new pump by the end of today and put it back in tomorrow. Another SUPER cold spell is coming our way on Wednesday and will last thru the weekend. I sure hope we are not without water for a week!

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