Monday, April 4, 2011

To Be A Little Girl Again !

Saturday I was off to the fabric store to purchase material for my partner in the "Flirty Apron Swap". When I walked in the door at Hancock Fabrics, the entry way was lined with bargin clearance material. Normally I walk right by this because most of it is something I can't use for quilting. But on the top of the huge pile was this adorable (quilted) material. The little girls caught my eye! The back is pattern pieces cut outs .. just adorable!

I looked at it, immediately put it in my basket and headed to find what I came for! What a find! I kept looking at it while I was walking around and just felt like I was a little girl again! This is exactly how I looked when I was young. Starched little frilly dresses, black Mary Jane shoes and white nylon socks with lace around them. It just brought back such happy memories as a child. My daughter is 26 and I have no granddaughters but I had to purchase some .. just incase .. one day ... maybe maybe .. and if not, then I can be a little girl again.

When I got home and to my sewing studio, I couldn't help but lay it on the child's table I have beside my Suzie Homemaker Oven. The oven was mine when I was little (Santa brought it to me!) and is over 45 years old .. and still works! What a precious site it was!

When I get tired of playing big girl, I can go in there and pretend .. pretend I have no worries, no problems and my dad is still around so I can have a daddy/daughter hug. See .. I even have an apple pie cooling on top of the stove!


  1. I get tired of playing a big girl all the time. I really really long for the days when I could be that little girl in the fabric. Sigh. What does that say about me? Scary maybe. Loved the post, love the fabric, and especially love the stove.

  2. Found you throught the flirty apron swap and that is the most ADORABLE fabric! What a find.

  3. I love that fabric!! I found something similar at JoAnn's, and I made an apron to raffle off at the Lansing Historical Society Banquet!! It should bring back happy memories to the Senior members of the society!!