Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo Time

I was so bizzy last year making EIGHT .. count them .. E I G H T quilts for our kids for christmas presents I was forgetting anything else was going on in my life. Last year I bought a new camera, a nice zoom lens and barely had time to play with it. This year I vowed to play with my camera, and venture in to some different crafts. Ok, and yes, there's a quilt in the making too. lol

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Wow .. December came and went without a single post from me!
I had my husbands family over for their Christmas on Dec 17. I cooked and baked for days to prepare. It was a great day, filled with laughter, togetherness and most of all ... love.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was all my family. Again, I'm cooking and baking for days to prepare. My kids worked their time to overlap so I could be with them all at the same time. I was so thankful for that.
My husband had a pacemaker/defib put in sometime in Nov. Can't remember the date. They went back in before Christmas and moved it. He's back to work on Wed of this week. He's doing great and I'm so thankful he's thru this and on the road to recovery!
My son popped the question to his girlfriend a few days before Christmas. She's been in our family for 5 years already .. now it's official. No wedding date yet, but I'm glad for this step in that direction. I love Kendall and she will make a wonderful wife for my son.
Yesterday we spent the day relaxed and took a drive to a small neighboring town (Belleville) close to ours. I took my camera hoping to catch something unusual. It always seems when I'm out without it, I see something and wish I had it. We toured some old abandoned restaurants and a feed store. Went to an old cemetary, had some lunch then came on home. I'll share some of my photo's with you. Some are from Belleville, Texas and some from Waller, Texas (where we live). Oh, two are of my front porch .. a sign my brother had made for me. My mom says I live in the "boonies" and the other of the plants on my porch.
The weather was cool and windy but the sun was shining making it so beautiful out.
Back to work today .. I've been gone for 3 weeks. Lots to catch up on.
Hope everyone is having a great start to a brand new year.