Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Toy!

I have a new toy! I'm so excited! For Christmas a friend's wife made me 3 scarves. I loved them. She's crafty and when I found out she used a small knitting loom I had to have one! So off I went to find one. The first one I bought was by Singer .. like a childs loom. It was round and had a crank handle. I bought it, bought some yarn and came home to give it a whirl. Well, the directions said feed the yarn in and start turning the handle clockwise. When it wouldn't turn anymore, turn it counter clockwise. Keep doing this till you had your project done. HAH! Wasn't that easy. Mine made a horrible noise like it was breaking with each turn and didn't turn smoothly. My yarn got in knots from this so I finally gave up. Maybe this is why this was for kids .. I needed a kid to operate it! So, back to the store it went.

I found another loom and bought it. The box said it would make scarves, hats, etc. Read the directions which were super simple with pictures. Just exactly what I needed! So off I went. I made a large scarf for myself first. I loved the width. Living in the country it is sooo windy and cold some morning so I thought I'd just wrap it around my head to cut the wind. I worked on it off and on for a couple of days and it was done! It took almost 2 bundles of yarn. I could have gotten off using less yarn but making it so wide caused me to use more yarn. I finished it off with fringe. Can't wait to wear it.

So, People at work are seeing me work on it at lunch and then before I know it, I'm volunteering to make some more. You buy the yarn, and I make it. Gives me something to work on while I'm babysitting our facilities at nite.

It's super simple to use. Weave the yarn back and forth in a figure 8 design over the pegs. Get to the end and reverse it. When you have two rows on the loom, take the hook (came with the loom) and pull the first loop over the second. Keep going till you have the desired length. It just doesn't get any more simplier than that!
I think the next one I make, I'm going to try and mix it up and use different yarns.

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