Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good, Bad, Good Christmas

Well, I guess I should start by saying my Christmas Holidays started out Good. We adopted a yellow lab 9 month old 100 lb puppy from Bellville Animal Shelter. We picked him up the Monday before Christmas. He's adorable and his name is Jake. He's fitting in well and starting to adjust to his new life. I think before he was left alone because he is starved for attention. I know Labs are attention hogs anyway .. but bless his heart he needed so much love. He's feeling at home and his big LITTLE sister truly hates him. She ruled the school and now we are showering attention to him as well as her .. she's just use to getting it all! That is the FIRST good news. The second which was the BAD was on Christmas Eve my husband was in the front yard of our property playing with Jake who was on a lead. The neighbor's pit bull dog climbed their 6 foot chain link fence and was charging. I came out of the house following my husband who had gotten a gun for protection and so did my chihuahua Chloe. She doesn't realize she is only 5 lbs. She usually runs all the animals out of our yard including neighbors cow, horses, chickens, rabbits .. you name it. Well, she charged for the pit bull and he attacked her. My husband tried several shots in the ground to break them up but he was still after her. He had no choice but to shoot him. It broke our hearts. We both love animals and have no intention of hurting any animal but he was on our property and was attacking my dog. She was ok. Luckily she was smart enough to stay under him and he couldn't get his mouth on her. We call the county police and a report was done but we were informed it was on our property and we have the legal right to protect ourselves and our livestock. It still doesn't heal the hole in your heart you have killed an animal and then our next door neighbors dog.

Then on to a good Christmas from that. All the family came over. Even my kids spent Christmas Eve night with me! Oh how awesome to have my babies (30 years and 25 years) wake up Christmas morning and get their stockings!

My daughter graduated the weekend before Christmas with her degree to teach elementary school. We had a big party for her with a bonfire that lasted 12 hours!

My husband had his mom's side of the family over for a Christmas gathering the weekend before Christmas and then New Years weekend his sister on his Father's side spent the night with her husband and then his Father's family was at the house New Year's day for their version of Christmas.

We have been busy in Waller as you can see .. that's why I'm just now posting!

New Year's resolution .. well, I don't make them. But I am going to try and do better with my blog!

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