Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alittle late but Christmas Finds!

Right before Christmas I managed to get by the resale ministries shop in my small town I live in. Boy, did I feel guilty getting already super bargins at 1/2 off! My kitchen is pink (surprise surprise!) so finding a Santa in a pink sleigh was a sheer delight. Then when I see it's marked down from $1.50 to .75 I hurried and snagged it before someone else did!

Then I find some vintage ornaments that I just had to have. They were so precious I didn't put them on my tree but sat them on my coffee table on a mirror .. I loved the reflection. These 3 came in a plastic baggie with a wire candy cane with red jewels on it along with a strand of red beeds to hang on your tree. All this for a meer .25. Originally marked .50!

Then I found the cutest little knick-knack. My husband loves tree houses so to find a tree house with snow on it and children playing and making a snowman. I hurried and grabbed it also. Originally marked $1.00 and I got it for .50.

I know the money goes to help families so I sure feel guilty paying even less for them when they were such a steal to begin with!

I've loved hunting for bargins this Christmas. That just may be my New Years Resolution .. finding bargins at resale shops!

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