Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ready for Some Cool Weather

Here we are .. way past labor day and it's still so hot here in Texas! Today it was 98. It's so hard to look at all the fall decorations and get in the mood for Halloween and Thanksgiving when you are sweating to death!
I'm anxiouly awaiting the next apron swap from Shawnee. I wanted to do the last one, but with just moving I hadn't a clue where my sewing stuff was. So, I've rushed to unpack some and get ready for this next fall apron swap so hopefully I can get in it!
I'll just keep checking the postings each day and hope the registration is up! In the meantime ... I'll stay under the fan and wait on our Texas Fall.


  1. Hi! I saw your post on the Flirty Apron Swap site. I just received my first apron today! If you check the site you'll see all the fun things my wonderful partner sent me. It was a super fun experience to join in all the fun! I was also in the Alice in Wonderland swap but haven't received my package yet. I mailed out my 2 aprons for these swaps weeks ago so I've been checking my mailbox daily. Today was the day! I look forward to getting to know you!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the comment. I've had a long post written, clicked on post comment and lost it all! Grrr ...
    I've almost finished my apron for the autumn swap. I know I was suppose to wait, but I think my apron will be fine. I even did some extra fun stuff to go with it. Hopefully whomever I get will like it. Thanks for posting! Maybe this one will work!

  3. You're in! And done, apparently! LOL -- did you say you made a fall apron or a halloween one?

  4. Yes, I have already did a fall apron. I hope I'm not kicked out before I even get started! I've got my tuck ins to go with the apron and since I'm done, I'm thinking of doing a simple halloween one this weekend and include it too. I've been so busy with work and life stuff I haven't gotten on my blog much. I'm really not sure how all this works anyway. Not sure if you (Shawnee) will see my posting without visiting again. .. trail and error on all this!