Monday, October 29, 2012

Secret Santa Swap 2012 - Flirty Apron Swap

I've been absent from blogging and swapping for awhile. I've been working way too much. Well, I guess you could say it caught up with me.  Started feeling bad, went to the dr, then the emerg room and ended up having a double by-pass surgery at the end of Sept.  with that scare, I decided since it was eligible to retire I decided to take advantage of it and retire at the end of this school year.

So, this means I will have more free time to do the things I enjoy.

I've signed up for the secret Santa swap ... And here's the answers to the questions for my partner.

1.  Hobbies:  sewing, cooking and crafting.  I plan on raising chickens next spring so I'm gathering info on that.  I just love chickens!
2. Favorite color:  PINK. But I'm redecorating my sewing room in red.
3.  Collect anything?  Fabric
4.  Allergies?  None
5.  Pets?  I have a chihuahua (Chloe) who is my baby.  My hubby has a big yellow lab (jake). And hopefully a few chickens in the spring
6.  Coffee and chocolate. Only ice tea in the south. And of course it must be sweet!
7.  I read very little (on my iPad) but I adore magazines about sewing, crafting and quilting
8.  Cookies or candies. Either is great!
9.  Favorite holiday treat?  Can't think of one
10.  Favorite holiday tradition:  I love cooking and having my family stop by for the holidays.
11.  I still believe in Santa!
12.  Presents are opened Christmas Day after Santa comes!
13.  We have a tree decorated in ornament my kids made when they were small. I love reliving those memories each year. Plus my kids still enjoy seeing all their crafts
14. My dining room is decorated in gingerbread men and I also collect snowmen
15.  I have gotten fabulous gifts with my swaps. I love homemade items and hand written letters.

Ok, hopefully this will help my partner!  Most important have fun. I will love whatever you choose.

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  1. Hi Sharon got your pkg will post pics and thank you Monday. Working all weekend UGH!!!